My Why
My Why


it all STARTED with my dad...

To say that photography is a fierce, burning passion of mine feels like a DRASTIC understatement. The same way a song can trigger old memories of an exact moment in your life, a photograph has a way of wrapping itself around the heart and squeezing tight. It's a visual reminder of a moment that deserves to be cherished and remembered. Photography is not simply about taking pictures, it's about giving credit to a sentiment you had, a time you experienced that can't be fit into words.

My favorite, most cherished photograph that I have is one of me and my dad when I was three years old. It's not an impressively composed photo, it wasn't taken with the most spectacular of cameras, and it was of a moment that would have definitely been forgotten. I sat in my high chair, my dad staring me down as I tore into a Cadbury creme egg, my eyes fixated on his. I certainly couldn't have known at the time that he was soon going to be taken from me and my family and those moments wouldn't go on forever. I thank God that I have that photograph, because it spells out the simple adoration that we had for each other. Little more than a year later, he was gone from this earth. But not from my life, and certainly not from my heart. That photograph reminds me of how real, how everyday, how powerful his love for me was, and no amount of stories told to me could hold a candle to what was visible and real in that image.

When I photograph a wedding, or an engagement, or a day in the life session, I am incapable of treating a moment with any less value. These are moments that cannot be replicated and deserve to be put onto paper long beyond the span of our own lifetimes. They capture and validate who we are, who we were, and where we came from. Whether it's a smaller moment in a high chair or a bigger moment before "I do", there is nothing trivial about our lives, our stories. They deserve to hang on walls, serving as reminders to us and as our stories for those who come after us. Doesn't your story deserve to be told?

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